How to improve your productivity at work

You probably already knew that your health and wellbeing could be affected by your posture. When your spine is properly aligned there is the least amount of stress on your ligaments and muscles, making you less likely to have physical problems. When you have a poor posture your blood circulation is reduced and your nerves can get irritated. On top of that you’re also increasing your chances of spinal disease and bad health. But did you know that your posture also affects your productivity?

When you sit in a slouched position, your body takes in 30% less oxygen than you would with good posture. Because of this, a poor posture makes you less alert, less concentrated, and less productive. Therefore it’s way harder to keep your energy levels up when you’re hunched over.

So in order to boost your productivity it’s important to sit up straight. By sitting in a good posture you send a signal to your brain that increases your testosterone and serotonin levels, and decreases your cortisol levels. This combination of hormones increases your feelings of power and leadership ability, and improves your resistance to disease. Sitting straight also increases the chances of you having positive thoughts. This will allow you to focus on work and be more productive.

To help you sit up straight it’s important for your pelvis to stay in a neutral position. You can achieve this by sitting on a wedge pillow, or by putting a rolled up towel on the back of your chair. This tilts your pelvis in the right position and relieves back pain. This will help your productivity because if you think about pain less you’ll get more done.

Of course it’s important to have your desk and chair set up properly for an optimal posture, but don’t forget to move. Even if your workstation is set up perfectly, if you sit down too long you’re waiting for problems. Make sure you take a short break to mover around every 30 minutes. This resets your posture and makes sure you don’t sit in a slumped position too long.

The problem with sitting up straight is that a lot of people can’t do this very long. Usually this isn’t because of weak muscles, as opposed to what many people think. If you can’t sit up straight in a relaxed way, your spine most likely needs some work done on it. If you don’t fix your spine you could develop physical problems – if you don’t already have them. With a slouched posture there is way too much stress on your spine and muscles, and you can get neck pain, headaches, and back pain.

At Chiropractic De Pijp your posture can be improved without you having to do exercises. Make an appointment now and start changing your posture to be more productive.