Why we’re different

Chiropractie De Pijp in Amsterdam is the only chiropractic practice in The Netherlands that uses Advanced BioStructural Correction™ as the technique of choice. ABC™ is a unique method when it comes to the analysis and correction of misalignments in the body. It can improve your posture consistently in a predictable way and relieve all sorts of complaints, making you look better, feel better, and move better.

ABC™ is a protocol to find and then correct the bones in your body that have gone out of place in directions your body can’t self-correct. Afterwards your body will be able to correct the rest.

There are specific bones in your body that can’t self-correct in certain directions when they misalign, because there are no muscles or muscle groups pulling them back. As a result, the only thing your body can do is twist up and compensate. Then something else happens to your body that it can’t self-correct. If this isn’t corrected, you compensate to the next thing and so on. Before long, your body has compensated dozens to hundreds of times. With ABC™ only specific bones that cannot self-correct are put back in the position for their optimal function so your body can untwist and get rid of old compensation patterns.

ABC™ is the only method of body treatment that results in your body staying upright all by itself with no effort. This is achieved by using a combination of deep stretches and gentle spinal adjustments. Take a look at the pictures below. The instructions are exactly the same in all the pictures: breathe in, breathe out, relax and let your body slump. Some of you will probably think the pictures are fake, but everyone is relaxed and slumping as much as they can in all these pictures!


Why is posture so important?

Posture is not just about how you look on the outside; it’s about how your body functions on the inside. Unfortunately a lot of people think that a slumped posture is just a cosmetic problem. Most people don’t know that a poor posture is in fact a health problem. Optimal posture is essential if you want to be as healthy as possible. Why? It’s simple: a better posture = better nervous system function = improved overall health.

Let’s look at some anatomy. The structural support to maintain an upright posture is provided by your spine. It consists of 24 bones called vertebrae. Within your spine sits your spinal cord, which is the central connection between your brain and the rest of your body. Your brain is the most important organ in your body. It forms the central nervous system together with your spinal cord. Important nerves from the spinal cord come out between the bones of your spine, and travel to the rest of your body. This way your nervous system controls every single cell, tissue and organ in your body. The state of your nervous system directly determines the state of your health.

How does posture go bad?

Everyday stressors and overuse of your spine (accidents or falls on your back, prolonged sitting, standing and sleeping in bad positions, etc.) can cause your spinal bones to misalign. These spinal misalignments can cause interference in the signals sent between your brain and your body, and decreases your nervous system function. Your body has muscles to pull your spinal bones back into most positions, except for when a bone has been pushed forward. There are no muscles to pull spinal bones back out of this forward position. As a result, your posture starts to collapse forward. A forward posture can put a lot of stress on your spinal cord, further decreasing your nervous system function and health.

Complaints that can be related to a poor posture are neck pain, back pain and headaches, but also difficulty breathing and decreased blood circulation, hormone regulation, and digestion. On top of that, a forward posture has been linked to a poor mental state, decreased energy, a high blood pressure, a higher chance of having a heart attack, and dying early of many causes. Do you still think posture is just about looking good?

The solution: ABC™

Contrary to what many people believe, a good posture depends on the position and functioning of your spine, not on how strong your muscles are. Of course your muscles help to keep your body upright, but no matter how strong they are, after a while they will fatigue, and your posture will start to collapse. Because the structural problems in your spine are addressed with ABC™, your body will stay upright by itself, without you having to use your muscles. When your posture is corrected, your nervous system can function better and you’ll have a better quality of life.

Babies and children

The birth process can have a big impact on the function of the spine and nervous system. Think about the pressure on the head and neck during a normal birth, and how there is even more stress on the baby’s spine with a C-section, forceps delivery or vacuum extraction. The resulting misalignments in the spine and skull can be the cause of many newborn health complaints.

As the infant grows, learning to hold up the head, sit, crawl and walk are all activities that affect spinal function and are important times to have your child checked by a chiropractor. A child will fall over approximately 2500 times before the age of three, so misalignments can easily build up in the spine. They often remain undetected until symptoms show up later in life.

Because children are constantly growing and developing, it’s especially important for them to have their spines checked regularly. Many children develop a bad posture, which is why it’s important to recognize these problems early on and correct them where necessary. A minimum of one posture check per year is very important. It’s easier to prevent problems than it is to cure them!