National back screening day – get your spine checked for free!

Saturday 5 November is the national back screening day. This means that in the morning of 5 November you can have your spine checked for FREE at Chiropractie De Pijp!

The national back screening day is an initiative of the Dutch Chiropractors Association (NCA), the largest professional association for chiropractors in The Netherlands. As you may already know, not exercising enough can be a serious health risk. But did you also know that sitting for long periods of time is a risk to your health as well? Prolonged sitting increases the risk of disease and even premature death. Dutch people are European sitting champions with an average of 6.8 hours per day.

As a chiropractor I regularly see people who have complaints related to prolonged sitting. Back pain, neck pain and other symptoms that arise from the spine can often be treated successfully by a chiropractor. My treatments don’t just focus on getting rid of your symptoms, but also on preventing them. Because a lot of people have complaints that are posture-related, I mainly focus on the role your spine plays in posture.

Your posture plays an important role in the improvement of symptoms. If you sit down a lot, next to moving around a lot it’s important to make sure you sit in a good position. Good posture means better body functioning and a better overall health. Contrary to what many people say, a good posture depends on a well-functioning spine, and not just on how strong your muscles are.

During the back screening we’ll briefly discuss any complaints, and I’ll look at your spine and posture. This way I can determine if you have problems that I can help with. I will also briefly explain what chiropractic is, and give you tips for a good posture to take home. No strings attached! You can make an appointment for a free back check here by selecting ‘Free check’.

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