Improve your athletic performance with chiropractic

If you’re a keen athlete and you’re not currently seeing a chiropractor, you could be missing out! Most world-class athletes have a chiropractor to help them keep their bodies healthy. Athletes can experience a wide range of benefits from receiving chiropractic care. Benefits include improved athletic performance, improved range of motion, better flexibility, and fewer injuries.

Of course you don’t have to be a world-class athlete to benefit from regular chiropractic checks and care. Even if you’re an amateur athlete, or you just go to the gym every now and then, your posture and spinal alignment are very important to the overall function of your body. If you want to achieve an optimal level of performance and you want to have less sports injuries, seeing a chiropractor might be a good idea.

Is your body symmetric and well aligned? You may think so, but an estimated 70% of amateur athletes have postural asymmetry. Poor posture or asymmetry of your body can make you more susceptible to injuries. Injuries that are often preventable! If you neglect misalignments of your body, you could cause all sorts of complaints, including muscle aches, joint pain, chronic muscle strains, herniated discs of the spine, headaches, pulled muscles, ligament damage, decreased respiration, and inhibited circulation.

When your body isn’t symmetric or well aligned, your spine will most likely not be moving as it should. Your spine will be overloaded in specific areas, and as a result of this physical stress the movement in your spinal joints can get restricted. When your spinal bones don’t move properly they can interfere with the flow of nerve signals between your brain and body. This way all other systems and body functions can be affected, including healing.

A chiropractor makes sure your spine and nervous system function optimally, allowing your body to heal better. This can help you recover from injuries faster, but it can also help with reducing pain. By removing any restrictions in your spine chiropractic care can improve mobility and flexibility. A chiropractor can also lower your risk of injuries by correcting spinal alignment and function. Keeping your body in proper alignment allows you to utilize your muscles and joints in the most efficient way possible. This ensures an optimal athletic performance.

If you want to improve your sports performance with chiropractic care, make an appointment today to get your posture and spine checked.