How to improve your headaches without medication

Headaches are one of the most common complaints that a lot of people experience on a regular basis. There are different types of headaches, but the largest percentage falls into a category of which the cause can be found in your neck. Joints in your neck that aren’t moving properly, and tension in your neck muscles cause these types of headaches.

Because of technology we are a lot more sedentary than we used to be. We spend way too much time bent over in a fixed position, and we don’t move around enough. All this sitting can cause joint irritation and muscle tension in your upper back, neck and scalp, causing your headache. Make sure that you don’t sit for more than 20 to 30 minutes at a time, and take frequent breaks. Also make sure you drink enough water.

Both the frequency and severity of headaches vary hugely from individual to individual. Some people only get headaches every now and then, while others have a constant headache every day. The pain can vary from mild to stabbing and throbbing. Some headaches are bad enough that they cause nausea and become very debilitating. When you suffer from headaches it’s difficult to concentrate at work and to enjoy leisure activities.

Try to avoid the following headache triggers:
– Stress
– Alcohol
– Skipping meals
– Dehydration
– Loud, sustained noise
– Sleep deprivation

Although most people will take painkillers to get rid of pain, we all know that this isn’t a lasting solution to the problem. A lot of people don’t realise that a chiropractor can help to relieve their headaches. A chiropractor makes sure that stiff joints in your neck can move normally again, resulting in a better functioning nervous system and relaxed neck muscles.

A headache is an important warning from your body to let you know something isn’t right. Your body is made to heal itself, and if it doesn’t succeed in doing so it’s wise to look for the cause of the problem instead of just focusing on pain relief.

A chiropractor views your body as a whole, and removes blockages in your spine. This way your nervous system can function better and your body can heal itself. A chiropractor can help your headaches to become less frequent and less severe.

Do you suffer from headaches? Make an appointment to see if your headaches can be improved by chiropractic care.